Urban Capital specializes in arranging financing of up to $25 million for commercial and multifamily properties in the West Coast & Pacific Northwest.

Urban Capital has effectively built relationships with commercial banks, conduit lenders, agencies (FNMA, FHLMC, HUD), credit unions, life companies, and private investors. Our performance demonstrates our ability to deliver competitive debt, mezzanine, and equity capital.

We are in the capital markets every day, and the market constantly changes. We represent our clients in the market, usually exclusively. We charge a fee reflective of the difficulty of the transaction, size of the transaction, and nature of the on-going business relationship with our client.

When working with our clients, we thoroughly underwrite each property to understand the cash flows, visit and tour each property, identify financing options in the market, and come to an agreement on a financing package that meets our clients needs.

We firmly believe the competitive market we create by going to 5-7 different capital sources, benefits our clients/borrowers by delivering interest rates 20-75 bps lower than trying to do it on their own.

We manage the entire process from paperwork submittal, to ordering 3rd party reports, to getting loan commitment from the lender, to coordinating with escrow, and ultimately funding of the loan.

Investment Sales

The principals of Urban Capital have been involved in real estate transactions dating back to 2001. We understand what goes into a transaction from all sides of the desk.

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Mortgage Brokerage

We are a commercial mortgage brokerage & banking firm, comprised of experienced professionals who can quickly identify potential solutions for all types of real estate capital requirements

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