Investment Sales

The principals of Urban Capital have been involved in real estate transactions dating back to 2001. Not only do the main principals of Urban Capital transact on their clients behalf, they have owned close to 900 apartment units and over 10 commercial buildings in their career. The relevance here, we understand what goes into a transaction from all sides of the desk. We play a few different roles with our clients. At one extreme, we source, underwrite, advise, and represent our client to acquire under best terms available. On the opposite end, we can act as a transaction coordinator for our clients who have their own acquisitions team and internal transaction resources. What we find unique about real estate is not one transaction or building is the same. There is always a nuance or angle to the deal that makes our experience valuable to our clients. While the office is not full of analysts, we take great pride in understanding the economics and particulars of a building, and how the building should be bought and/or sold.

Whether you are an institutional buyer or seller, or a local real estate investor with a couple of buildings, I assure Urban Capital will benefit the transaction on several levels. We believe in being “local” so we understand all the players & assets in the market. There is nothing more frustrating than to come across a broker who just pushes paper, has no local contacts or context, but is only focused on creating a sense of urgency. We are without a doubt, the opposite of this. We are all in this business to make money, no question, but we do it by outworking our colleagues, while also equipping ourselves with the necessary local market knowledge to make a difference. A going in 4.85% cap on a multi-family C+ asset with no upside in Daly City, is completely different than a value add, post renovation/stabilized, 6.50% cap in downtown Redwood City. While it’s correct to believe numbers don’t lie, a number does not tell the full story.

Lastly, while it sounds trivial, we pride ourselves on being good people to do business with. We are not know it all’s, we still have a lot to learn, we strive to grow and evolve everyday, and we know we will always do the right thing. Over the years, our business relationships have evolved into personal relationships with many of our clients. As we like to say, we work hard, and play just as hard (sometimes harder on Friday afternoons). No one in the industry will out work us, there is zero ego in our office culture, and we love to celebrate the wins!